Advantages of using the Szalay Cyto-Spatula

The traditional Szalay Cyto-Spatula Pap test guarantees:

  • A representative monolayer specimen without the need for additional technical and elaborate procedures.
  • Rapid and very reliable application.
  • An unbeatable price/performance ratio.
  • A high level of sensitivity and specificity

Cells from all areas of the cervix uteri with a single smear

If used correctly, the special shape and surface of the Szalay Cyto-Spatula guarantees a cytological smear test which will always contain plenty of very good quality cells from all areas of the cervix uteri.

Not only superficial cells, but also those from the deeper layers of the epithelium

The upper epithelial layers inhibit the collection of representative cytological material. The specially prepared surface of the spatula causes a provoked exfoliation and thereby ensures that cells are collectedfrom the deeper cell layers where tumours (cancers) are often located.

Representative monolayer specimens without the need for additional technology and elaborate procedures

Smearing the cells collected with the Szalay Cyto-Spatula on to the slide creates a monolayer, due to the spatula’s special surface.

Extremely inexpensive

The Szalay Cyto-Spatula Pap test is very inexpensive and reliable to use. No other instrument enables the collection of representative cells so quickly and cheaply from all areas of the cervix.

The Szalay Cyto-Spatula has a rated break point at the top

The Szalay Cyto-Spatula is also an ideal instrument for liquid-based analysis methods. All the cells collected can be delivered to the conserving liquid in the application container.

Fast and reliable evaluation

The conventional evaluation method for the Szalay ctyo-spatula Pap smear test is fast, reliable and, when compared to other methods, extremely inexpensive – in particular for cytologists and health insurance companies. Furthermore, significantly less waste is created in comparison with other methods.

Tried and tested a million times

The Szalay Cyto-Spatula has been used millions of times and is simple to use. Please refer to the video clip.

Can be adapted to the anatomy of the patient

Three types of spatula have been developed to fit the different shapes and sizes of the portio. This makes cell collection possible with a single smear, even if the patient has a very narrow or almost closed cervical canal.

Very well documented

The use of the Szalay Cyto-Spatula has been very well documented compared to other methods. Please refer to the smear test video or the quick guide to view the smear technique using the Szalay Cyto-Spatula as well as the references.


These pages describe the advantages of the Szalay spatula Pap test. The Szalay spatula is a collection instrument for obtaining cells from the cervix uteri (zervix uteri) or mouth of the uterus within gynaecology and cytology. The cells collected provide cancer screening for women. The aim is early detection of either a cervical carcinoma or uterine cervix cancer.  The collection of cells, known as a taking a smear, is normally performed by a gynaecologist. Other instruments used in cervical cytology include the cyto brush ™, cervix brush ™, the cotton wool bud (still unfortunately in use) and other spatula instruments.  It has been proven that, in addition to its price, the Szalay Cyto-Spatula has many other advantages over these instruments. Above all, sufficient representative substance from all zones of the cervix uteri is always collected, meaning that sensitivity and specificity are greater when the spatula is used correctly. The method of processing the cells, be it traditionally or using the so-called thin layer cytology or thin film cytology, is for the cytologist to decide. Both methods are ultimately only effective if the substance collected is both representative and present in sufficient quantity.