Smear technique with the Szalay Cyto-Spatula Pap test device

In order to obtain a reliable cytological evaluation, it is vital that a sufficient, representative sample of good quality cell material is obtained, because all subsequent analytical procedures – both traditional and modern – depend on this prerequisite. The Szalay spatula was developed precisely for this purpose.

The traditional Szalay Spatula Pap smear ( Pap test according to Papanicolaou ) delivers highly reliable results because if correctly carried out, sufficient good quality and representative cell material is always obtained. In this way, the number of false negative results is significantly reduced.

It becomes immediately clear: even the most modern, elaborate gynaecological-cytological methods of obtaining substance do not replace a correctly performed smear test containing sufficient, representative and good quality cell material.

If, during cervical cancer screening, the Pap smear is taken using the Szalay spatula as shown in the following videos then qualitative, perfect and highly representative cell material will be collected from the cervix uteri. Using the correct technique, as shown in the video, to smear the cells onto the microscope slide will in addition create a natural cell monolayer/thin film. High sensitivity and specificity are achieved ( studies, advantages, references ).

Short videos showing cell collection using the Szalay spatula

Szalay Tutorial 2010 Part 1 : Cervical Pathalogy, Colposcopy and Cytology. (no sound)

Szalay Tutorial 2010 Part 2 : Cervical Pathalogy, Colposcopy and Cytology. (no sound)

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